WISSA 2022 day 2

Now we can say the competition is really on! Today all classes were racing, although in different locations.

Kites stayed at the Lake Maardu and had six efficient course races. Pretty short races this time as the lake is not big but at least the weather and conditions were better than yesterday. No rain until the races lasted and also somewhat less water on the ice. It is actually amazing to view all those kites up at the start!
And it was Nikita Kodanev (RUS) who did the best today.

Nikita Kodanev.

Wings and sleds headed to the western coast of Estonia, to the cosy city of Haapsalu. Only it was not so cosy today, but rainy all day. Also, as the temperatures have been up from the freezing point, the ice conditions have changed quite a lot during the last few days.
But slalom it was for both classes, six races for wings and five for sleds. Qualifications before that, of course.

In the wing class, Magnus Nordström from Sweden was leading the game today. In sled class, Alex Leontjevs was not winning all races but still did good enough to be the best again – is it a surprise to someone?

Magnus Nordström

Tomorrow, we hope to have races for all classes in Lake Maardu. Kites start in the morning, at 10.00, first possible warning signal for wings and sleds can be at 13.00. Course race for all.

Today’s photos from Maardu and a video from Haapsalu can be found on our Galleries page.