WISSA 2022 day 4

Yes, we know the numbers well and know that day 3 is missing. It’s just because there were no races on Thursday. Just the weather was not on our side. But then it was a good racing day on Friday!

All three classes.

As Lake Maardu is not really big, the Race Committee decided to have classes race the course race at different times. Sleds and wings started in the morning and kites in the afternoon. It may seem tight but actually, we managed to have 7 starts for sleds and wings and 8 starts for kites.

The morning was with some wet snowfall – not many of it, but still falling. The ice was somewhat better than at the beginning of the week but still not perfect. But we have to run the event in the conditions that we have and if they are not best – it’s the same for all competitors.

Snowy racing.

As we know, sleds and wings are not affected by the snowfall, just people get wet. And by the time kites had to go out, it was even partly sunny outside!

When the racers had a half-day, most of the team on the ice was busy the whole day. There was no time even for lunch. But they were so keen to hold the event running for competitors as planned.

Team after the race start.

Probably there is not much point to write how the races went, the results have been up for a long. Generally, as usual: there were some crashes in sleds starts and some falls in the race; and some protest cases for kites.

Also, there were plenty of GPS results coming in, causing also some problems. Many had not used GPS devices before, also they were shared by many people without creating a new file. There is still some work with some GPS files going on and we are sorry for the delay on this.