Are You Ready?

WISSA 2022, full of friendship and sports, is waiting for you!

Once again, Estonia is welcoming winter surfers all over the world!

Of course, there will be kites, wings, sleds but as the sports are developing we have also some new subdivisions, like inflatable wings and Windsurfer LT-s. But besides sports, it’s also a meeting point for wonderful people from many countries. Honestly, who wouldn’t wait to meet WISSA friends again?

Also, as all sailing management is developing, we are happy to announce an online regatta management system manage2sail is used to manage this event, with online registering, notice board, results, jury and others. Please look there daily for updates. Additionally, notice board and results are integrated to our webpage.

The main location for the event is Lake Maardu.

Please keep an eye also on our event FB page.

Longest Running Event
WISSA is the longest running international competition for:
Windsurfing – since 1980
Wing sailing – since 1991
Kites- since 1993
Gap Years

The event has not happened twice:
1998 – no ice in Poland
2021 – Covid-19

WISSA and Estonia

Estonia has been organizing WISSA many times:
1991, 1996, 2003, 2007, 2016 and 2020.
The latter was relocated to Lestijärvi, FI, as there was no ice in Estonia.

Did you know?

Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships took first place in 1980, but the World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA) was officially formed only in 1987.