WISSA 2022 day 1

On Tuesday, the races, as usual, began. The lake was quite wet, also it was raining part of the day. But during some moments we did got even a bit of Sun!

Sunny moment.

Despite the conditions, the sleds and wings had a full day of course races. Six starts to both classes are quite a many really!
There were falls and fast rides, some were understanding the conditions and for some, it caused more stress. Can say: this is how it always goes. And, of course, tactics and equipment. Some used skates, some skis, both in wing and sled class.

For wing class, there were more people at the start than has been in the last years. Of course, it’s partly because the inflatable wings are getting popular and it brought us some new participants. For many, it’s their first WISSA event. Welcome!
Miroslav Pacold (CZE) was the one to get the best results in wing class overall.

Miroslav Pacold.

Sled class starting line has been longer sometimes, but also shorter. This year we are missing some good riders but there are still many of the best racers taking part in WISSA. Also, we can see some new young people improving over the years.
Probably it’s not a big surprise that Alex Leontjevs (LAT) won five races of six.

Alex Leontjevs.

Kites had just a freestyle – the snow is melting and we had to use whatever of it was still left.
There was a total of 14 participants, 3 with skis and 11 with the snowboard. There were wonderful successful jumps as well as some falls to the watery ice, brrrr! It was still wonderful to see all the attempts.
Denis Usov (RUS) was the one whose tricks were the best.

Denis Usov.

Today, the competition continues in two locations: kites stay in Lake Maardu, wings and sleds head to Haapsalu, where at noon will be the first possible start for slalom races.

The results are up on the results page as well as on the official notice board in the manage2sail. Photos and videos can be found on the galleries page.