Here we go again…

When we last met in 2020 nobody could imagine the next time will be only in two years.

It was just a matter of weeks after the 2020 event when the world changed. Probably it was not a big surprise the 2021 event did not take place, regarding the situation. But as Canadians were unsure about 2022, too, the solution has to be found not to miss another event. Russians were already preparing for 2023 and Europe seems to be the safest option anyway, considering all details.

When we got this request it needed a quick decision – and here we go again. Of course, nobody can be sure what’s going on in February but we hope for the best.

The exact location is not known yet but as Estonia is just a small dot in the globe it is exact enough for the time being. Just note down the dates: 14th to 19th of February. We hope to see you here to create another wonderful WISSA event!

Tõnis & Enda

CRO and coordinator
Organizers from Estonia. Photo Airi Siita Sokk